Literacy Review

Hello, Students!

Welcome to the Clintondale Continuing Education Center virtual learning environment.  It is another school year for you to experience and see for yourself how far you will advance in gaining the credits toward your high school diploma.  At the same time, don’t forget that you will also be gaining vocational skills to help you get a job, as well as academics to help you move forward to enter a college and further your studies.

The Literacy Review is just another way that we are helping you gain the credits and skills mentioned above.  You will be able to work with the online classes that were selected specifically to help you.  These lessons will show you how to improve your vocabulary, how to think aloud when going through the other Compass Learning Odyssey classes that will be assigned to you later, guide you through comprehension activties, and how to write to express your new found ideas.

Before we begin, please understand that we are all expected to be good users of the computers and the internet.  You will be provided with links or e-mail addresses that you could click on and make contacts for help.  The two most important ones are, this website address you are reading this information from ( and the other is the e-mail address for help (  Inside your Compasslearningodyssey lessons, you will be linked to some websites. Read the directions carefully and follow them so you won't get lost in the process.

Netiquette is the word that means proper behavior when using the internet.  Also it means acceptable use of internet and school property policy.   Listed below are some common proper behavior that we are expected to observe.

  1. Stay within the address you were linked to unless you are directed to another relevant address.
  2. When e-mailing or commenting, be respectful to avoid hurting another person’s feelings.
  3. Appreciate the good instead of highlighting the worst.
  4. Use appropriate, acceptable and good English when you are frustrated with the lessons and sending it online.  Just because you only face the screen instead of a real person, does not guarantee that your bad behavior will not be exposed.
  5. Be forgiving of other students’ mistakes in online communication.  Let the teacher make the proper correction.
  6. Use the e-mail facility provided by Compass Learning, for the purpose it was designed to be.
  7. Be respectful of the physical equipment that you are privileged to use.
  8. When there is no observable control while you use the internet, be careful about surfing or exploring.  A wrong move can turn into a contract for monitored performance or permanent expulsion.
  9. Playing games during lesson times, is a BIG waste.  Avoid it to reach your diploma goal.
  10. Changing existing computer settings has led to no credits gained therefore no graduation.  Resist the temptation.  Use your talent wisely.
  11. If you have any question you can always create an email from Compass Learning by clicking on the mailing letter icon located at the top on the left side of your screen . If a message is sent to you the same letter icon will be open .

Now that you are previewed on how to be a good digital citizen, go back to the Home page.  If you are new to Compass Learning, click on the link "Using Compass" and learn how to do it.  If you already know how to use Compass Learning, go to web site, login, and click on the Language Arts Assignments icon on your launch pad. If the next screen shows more than one assignment, select and click on the Literacy Review icon. The Literacy Review unit is divided into four folders. Within each folder are subfolders of lessons. The lessons always have a video presentation followed by a quiz. Sometimes there will be an Odyssey Writer activity. The scored activities like the quizzez have a 70% mastery level. Since this is a baseline class there will only be one chance to make a good score. So listen well and take notes. To see your scores click on your portfolio icon, click the assignment tab, and click on Literacy Review "details" link either in progress or in the completed tabs.

Go for it and do your best!

Ms. Delia


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